“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” ― Victor Hugo

I’m sorry I haven’t been on recently/posted the mix :( Some family problems came up and I had to leave very quickly but when I get back home on Thursday I’ll try get everything sorted out

Harlem - New Politics
"A Bad Girl In Harlem"
Anonymous asked: Do you have an suggestions for up-and-coming bands that are cool and deserve more attention?

I have to admit, I’m pretty awful at finding new music (andI’m sure I’ll recommend a band that is super popular and get loads of messages telling me how out of the loop I am!) 

So I thought I’d just make a list of places that I generally go to for new music for future reference, and then if you could wait till the weekend I’d be more than happy to make a mix of some songs from bands that I think deserve more attention! 

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No Friends - San Cisco
"San Cisco"
Plage - Crystal Fighters
"Star of Love"
Anonymous asked: HEY this is the anon who asked for music to fall asleep to. I LOVE the songs you suggested! thank you so much :)) actually fell asleep to them last night.

Hi again :) You have no clue how happy that makes me! It was no problem at all, I’m so glad the mix helped you sleep last night

This is Gospel - Panic! At the Disco
"Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die"
Drink, Dance, Play - Young Kato
"Drink, Dance, Play - Single"
LA Calling - Crystal Fighters
"Cave Rave"
The Afternoon's Hat - Arctic Monkeys
"My Propeller "